The Matrix Resurrections has 1 million views

Warner Bros. has revealed the trailer for The Matrix Resurrections. The movie is set for release on Dec. 22 in theaters and on HBO Max and in a clever marketing spin,

Assault on Rio Bravo has wrapped the production

New Western Assault on Rio Bravo just wrapped production in Benson, Arizona. Film was directed by Joe Cornet and written by Craig Hamann.  Assault on Rio Bravo is an international

4 of the Most Iconic Casino Scenes in Movie History

Movies have captured the imagination of every generation since they were first invented. They are an art form that triggers endless emotional responses in audiences, from happiness to fear. Incredible soundtracks,

A contract scout on a deadly mission in Promise

The Western action-drama feature, “Promise”, starring  Joe Cornet, Academy Award nominee Don Murray, Trista Robinson, Curt Lambert and Kerry Goodwin, is released through Random Media in North America. “Promise” is available on Amazon Prime Video, iTunes, Google Play

The power of the movie title

Cinema is considered the seventh form of art, the newest on the Olympus of human expression. Evolving from low-frame, black and white, silent films to blockbusters of mammoth proportions, movies

Top 90s Movies That Never Get Old

Those lucky enough to live through the nineties will have many great memories. It was the last time that we lived in a world that wasn’t dominated by the World