What Do Martial Arts Stars Do for Fun?

Many Hollywood actors and actresses play roles involving martial arts. What is not widely known, apart from the famous Jackie Chan and Bruce Lee, is that a number of these

Logan The Wolf vs Viking mercenaries

Director/Producer Godefroy Ryckewaert (The Collector, The Witcher S2, The Witcher Blood Origin) is aiming to unleash an ultra-violent unofficial fan film of the well-known property: Logan/X-Men in Spring 2022. The film was

The sized up Jack Reacher comes to TV screens

Here comes the Reacher series that will see the veteran military police investigator in a more accurate interpretation of the title hero. The “6-foot-5, 250 pounds of muscle” Alan Ritchson takes

The Peacemaker origins with John Cena

Take a look at the official Trailer for James Gunn’s series Peacemaker starring John Cena. The eight episode series will explore Peacemaker’s origins and will pick up directly after the events of the

Blade with Mahershala Ali to start rolling in 2022

Originally slated to start production this September, Blade is now targeted to start rolling in July 2022.  Marvel Studios may have found a director for Blade. Best known for directing Mogul Mowgli, Bassam Tariq

Expendables 4 is A Christmas Story with Statham, Uwais and Jaa

The Expendables 4 has actually been in some form of development since as far back as 2014, the year when Expendables 3 released to theaters. The filming ultimately wrapped in mid-October 2021, but