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  • Do you love to watch action movies and ready to write an outstanding review?
  • Want to share your experience on how you have been an actor or just an extra?
  • Do you know that a popular movie is currently filming in your city and you can take pictures?

If you can answer Yes! then we would like you to be involved as a contributor. We’re looking for writers who do not just love action movies but know them. By the way, you shouldn’t have any prior writing experience as your passion for this genre is more important.

We are not asking that much, just engaging posts, at least 500 words. You can write as much as you wish – weekly, monthly or yearly. Even if you decide to write only once, we need you.

It will be good if you can write on the following topics:

  • India action movies
  • Korean action movies
  • Japanese action movies
  • Indonesian action movies
  • Vietnamese action movies
  • Russian action movies


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  • Find new friends and like-minded people.
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