Amy Johnston Interview. The Next Gen Femme Fatale

Today I have a pleasure to talk with a busy bee and the next gen femme fatale Amy Johnston. She works hard to make the action community to notice her,

William Kaufman Interview

I am a huge fan of the gritty action movies and my guest is very good in it. His film Sinners and Saints raised the bar with beautifully choreographed gun

Paul Logan Interview. The ex-special forces turns hunters into the hunted

We talk about The Horde movie, Conor McGregor as a bad guy, Ronda Rousey in Road House remake, Bas Rutten, Stallone and Van Damme inspiration, golden era of karate movies,

Tony Jaa Interview, the man who shook the world with a flying knee

Every martial arts style represented by some actor in movies. We have Dolph Lundgren and Michel Jai White who represent Kyokushin, Jackie Chan – Kung Fu, Jet Li – Wu

Simon Rhee Interview, mostly known as the eye patch Dae Han

Today I talk to “teacher’s teacher”, a busy stunt coordinator, Taekwondo master who taught over 10,000 students at his dojo – Simon Rhee. Karate Illustrated once wrote: “He has the

Mike Leeder Interview, the walking Encyclopaedia of Asian cinema

If you watched latest Asian action films or even Hollywood blockbusters the chances Mike Leeder was behind the production process are very high. Big Mike plays in heavyweight devision of