James Bamford Interview, The Man Behind Fight Scenes of the Arrow

Today I am really glad to talk to the man responsible for so much of Arrow‘s stunt and fight choreography and generally regarded as a big part of the show’s

Matthias Hues Interview, He Comes In Peace to Your Movie Screen

First of all, I want to tell that I am a huge fan of your films and follow your career since No Retreat No Surrender 2 where you played maniac

Kane Kosugi Interview, from little ninja to Hollywood fame

Today I have a wonderful opportunity to talk to Kane Kosugi, a son of the famous movie ninja in the world. Kane is currently in Thailand working on a movie

Mike Moh Interview, the new breed of street fighters

Today I’m talking to one of the young and rising martial arts stars in movie world Mike Moh, who just finished his work on a role of Ryu in upcoming

Jeff Pruitt Interview, even vampires need stunt doubles

Today I had a chance to talk to one of the fastest kickers in American martial arts movies, you could see him alongside famous martial artists such as Cynthia Rothrock,

Ilram Choi Interview

Budomate: As far as I know your parents from Korea, but you were born in US, learning Taekwondo was only your decision or it is just family tradition? Ilram Choi: