Ilram Choi Interview

Budomate: As far as I know your parents from Korea, but you were born in US, learning Taekwondo was only your decision or it is just family tradition? Ilram Choi:

Mike Moeller Interview, the new action star from Germany

Today I was lucky to talk with one of the most underrated stuntmen Mike Moeller. This tough hardworking German guy knows everything about stunts, falls, kicks and choreography. His intense

Michael Worth Interview, from Acapulco star into movie directors

It is always a pleasure to get in contact with actors, who I have seen in action movies when I was a kid. Today Michael Worth was kind enough to

Larnell Stovall Interview, how to get stunts to the new level

Today I proudly present my exclusive interview with one of the most popular fighting choreographers Larnell Stovall, who has just won The Award of The Best Fighting Choreographer 2011, the

Dean Alexandrou Interview, on his way into Jackie Chan movies

Not all of you know young lads, who jump around the movies and play bad guys brutally beaten by movie heroes like Tony Jaa. I had have a wonderful opportunity

Albert Pyun Interview, the man who brought us cyborgs

Today I have a wonderful opportunity to talk to American film director Albert Pyun, who mixed martial arts with science fiction and shot a lot of cyborg movies like Cyborg,