3 More Reps! welcomes Alexander Nevsky and Matthias Hues

There is no secret way to a championship physique. Every major bodybuilding star has his own training routine and no two bodies are exactly alike. The 3 More Reps! book,

Tribute to action-adventure novels with martial arts flavour

During my lengthy life as a Martial arts fan I have seen many films and read many books on the subject. Not just the usual reference books and instruction manuals

Rise and fall of a Lone Wolf Chuck Norris

During the early 70’s a craze swept across the Western world causing young men to kick and punch each other in stylised movements that were apparently styled on the movements

Lo Lieh, the epitome of kung-fu treachery

Born in Indonesia in 1939 as Wang Lap Tat, people know him better as Lo Lieh. He spent his early life in Indonesia before his parents sent him to study

Billy Chong, Indonesian martial artist with Crystal Fist

Willy Dozan, better known as Billy Chong, brought up Indonesia into the international movie scene through his role in Crystal Fist in 1980s. Born as Chuang Chen Li (Chong Chuen-Lei)

How to take on general of bad-assery and survive

We all know him as Bolo, cinema’s most recognisable villain with a menacing physique and steely gaze, but by birth he is Yang Sze and was born on July 3,