Top 5 martial arts movies that inspired Budomate Magazine

Checking my Instagram account I found a message from MovieReviewWarehouse guys asking me to write my Top 5 martial arts movies. This question sent me back to good old times

He shined brilliantly and needs to be remembered

Shooting Star Brandon Lee by Samantha Malagre March 31, 2013 will mark the 20 happened that fatal night, and how did this event shape the cast and crew of this

Out For Blood or how to survive 12 boxing matches

Martial arts movie genre rises from the ashes and more and more talented persons try to do something different and raise the bar. Tony Jaa amazed the world with his

How to break into the world of action movies

How to get into Martial Arts & Action movies The Do’s & Don’ts of Casting How to break into the world of martial arts movies by Mike Leeder We often

Jason Statham – How to never drop English accent

The reason why I decided to write a view on Jason Statham is in the release of his new action movie Safe, which hits theaters March 2, 2012. Most of

Massive Van Damage – How to survive Chuck Norris

Born Jean-Claude Camille François Van Varenberg on October 18th 1960, ‘The Muscles From Brussels’ made the executive decision to shrink his massive moniker down into the much more manageable Jean-Claude