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Billy Chong, Indonesian martial artist with Crystal Fist

Willy Dozan, better known as Billy Chong, brought up Indonesia into the international movie scene through his role in Crystal Fist in 1980s.

Born as Chuang Chen Li (Chong Chuen-Lei) in Magelang, Indonesia on February 10, 1957 he started his acting career in 1977 in a local movie named Pembalasan Si Pitung.

He lived in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan and the US for years to study and learn everything about action movies. Later he studied at Kahana’s Stunt School in California.

His flawless and energetic martial arts moves had been noticed and played a good role in his career in the movie industry. The movie Crystal Fist also known as Jade Claw in Hong Kong made him the Best New Comer at the International Movie Academy Award in Italy in 1980. His another movie Kung Fu from Beyond the Grave received the Box Office Award.

Years later Jade Claw was still played on TV channel 12 in Long Beach, California, also on the original Forty Deuce and aired on WNEW-TV Metromedia channel 5.

Some people say that Billy Chong is as good as Jackie Chan in classic kung fu plot and he got the look, too! Watching him in movies with his master Simon Yuen indeed reflecting Jackie Chan in Drunken Master!

The following movies made him a very famous actor in Hong Kong during period of 1978-1982:

  • Invincible Monkey Fist (1978)
  • Hard Way to Die (1979)
  • Super Power (1979)
  • Black Belt Karate (1979)
  • Crystal Fist (1979)
  • Black Jim Smashes All (1980)
  • Kung Fu Executioner (1980)
  • Kung Fu from Beyond the Grave (1982)
  • Kung Fu Zombie (1982)
  • A Fistful of Talons (1983)

Due to some reasons he decided to go back and stay in Indonesia in 1982. He still made a lot of action movies back home and started being a producer and director, too. His own TV series, Deru Debu was a local hit. He also starred in, directed and produced another hit TV series, Sapu Jagad in 2000.

Here is the short interview with Billy Chong.

Now his eldest son, Leon Dozan, a national athlete, seems to follow his father’s steps in the movie industry.

Some interesting quotes from the movie :

  • … dog bites dog.
  • Learning kung fu comes before everything.
  • You’ve been slacky, haven’t you?
  • Don’t be cocky. You must learn!!

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Written by Greta Dibyo from various sources.
Edited by Roman from Budomate Magazine.

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