Anna movie review

Anna is a visually stylish tale of a beautiful and lethal woman caught in a bind from a master of French action cinema Luc Besson. If you have seen La

Den of Thieves Movie Review

Does anyone get excited for a Gerard Butler action film anymore? Long gone are the days of 300 (2006). Now we get the middle of the road films from him

Peppermint Movie Review

I came to this film feeling rather hopeful knowing it was directed by Pierre Morel. I was a huge fan of his early directorial work, namely District 13 (2004) and

Equalizer 2 movie review

Is this long-awaited follow up to the first Equalizer action movie? No. As far as I was concerned The Equalizer was a completely self-contained film that needed no follow up,

Unstoppable Movie Review

The original title of the film in South Korea is “Raging Bull,” although a more accurate translation is “Angry Bull.” You can quite know for sure the motive behind the

Final Score Movie Review

With a British action film, you’re either expecting something either a bit tongue in cheek like Kingsman: The Golden Circle or a Roger Moore Bon movie, or something down to