Arena movie review

When I was watching the trailer of Arena movie I did not expect to see something special, it looked like 300 and upcoming Immortals mix movie flavored with undeground fights.

Fatal Contact movie review

Fatal Contact is first martial arts movie that wants to bring the impressive skills of Wu Jing on the big screen and unusual low-budget actioner from writer, director and producer

Equilibrium movie review

The Equilibrium features some absolutely fantastic action sequences which are breathtaking in their choreography. The film starts by telling us that early in the 21st century there was a third

Wu Xia movie review

I am not such a fan of wu xia style movies, so did not expect something special from Donnie, but the reason why I watch this movie is because it

Never Back Down 2 The Beatdown movie review

This martial arts movie is a rare piece of cinema waited for release by a lot of fans and not just because it is a sequel to Never Back Down

Rapid Fire movie review

First of all, this is one of my favorite martial arts movies and action films of all times. But let’s get to the review itself. Jake Lo is a talented