Ninja Shadow of a Tear movie review

Isaac Florentine came back with the second part of his Ninja project stars British martial artist Scott Adkins and this time director aims to show what a real old school

Green Street 3 Never Back Down movie review

Green Street 3: Never Back Down worths every penny spent and every minute you will spend watching it. A truly quality work of director James Nunn with good characters, very

Special ID movie review

As a huge fan of Donnie Yen and especially his hi-octane contemporary action movies, I have been impatiently waiting for the release of Special ID. Numerous changes in the script

Man of Tai Chi movie review

You surprised me Mr. Keanu Reeves! I wasn’t so interested to watch this movie but decided to give it a go because of Tiger Chen, it was interesting to see

The Grandmaster movie review

There has been a quite from director Wong Kar-wai since 2007, and now 6 years later he’s back with a martial arts movie The Grandmaster. Wong with his predilection for

Bangkok Revenge movie review

“If I told you, you wouldn’t believe me.” I didn’t expect too much from Bangkok Revenge, but as I liked Jon Foo performance in TYG and Tekken so I gave