Steven Seagal in new action crime drama True Justice

It’s a one hour episodic action/crime drama. Steven plays Elijah Kane the leader of a special undercover unit that operates out of the Seattle Washington area.

His team handles major crime investigations. The pilot was written by Steven and 13 episodes have been ordered and are now shooting in Vancouver, Canada. It will air on television stations all across the world.

Meanwhile, On September 7, 2010 Seagal returned for second season of Hit Real-Life series “Steven Seagal Lawman”. In the eight-episode season, Sheriff’s Deputy Seagal continues to patrol the streets of Jefferson Parrish, LA, in order to keep the peace and serve the community that he loves.

In each thirty-minute episode, fans will ride shotgun with Seagal as he and his elite team of officers respond to crimes-in-progress that include heart pounding police chases, dangerous drug busts, volatile murder suspects, intense highway accidents and much more. Then, while off-duty, the cameras will give fans deeper access to Steven’s personal life than ever before – including his wife and new son, Steven’s philanthropic efforts with both children and animals, and his expertise in weaponry and martial arts training.


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