Corey Yuen and Sammo Hung in Naked Soldier

Some naked news for you. You probably remember female martial arts movie of 2002 with todays Nikita Maggie Q as a lead, where director Siu-Tung Ching told a story about

Searching for Hwang Jang Lee

I was really surprised with this news, because I am a huge fan of this martial artist and was thinking what is he up to today, but I am not

Four fighters in Never Back Down 2

Never Back Down 2 delivers its promise of a beat down. The fighting is way more intense and just more entertaining than the original. Anyone who’s seen Black Dynamite knows

Major breakthrough for Donnie Yen in Wu Xia

Hong Kong director Peter Chan finished shooting movie Wu Xia, a remake of the 1969 classic martial arts movie One Armed Swordsman directed by Zhang Che. Chan got the idea

Seven Samurai remake in muay thai style

The Weinsteins are planning to remake Akira Kurosawa’s legendary classic martial arts movie Seven Samurai, using guns instead of swords. The film looks to be about a small Thailand village

Jet Li’s hand-to-hand combat in Rise to Honor

The concept of games with a cinematic touch isn’t exactly anything new. Some developers have been chasing the dream of presenting their products as interactive movies for years, with varying