At his 48 Aaron Kwok will be making his directorial debut for an upcoming action movie. As one of Hong Kong’s most bankable actors, Aaron has been hoping to direct his own movie for a long time. Aside from starring in the movie, Aaron is also involved in the script writing, but is not one of the film’s investors.

The film is currently in its pre-production stage and has gone through two writing drafts already. With the help of a professional screenwriter to put his ideas onto paper, Aaron said, “The whole story is swimming clearly in my head. I just lack the details. I am still not satisfied with the second draft.”

Asked if his intention is to transition into a director in the long-term, Aaron replied, “Let’s see how this film performs first. Perhaps it will turn into a dud. But no matter what happens, it’s important to try different things in life. Since I have this dream, I should pursue it and have no regrets.”

He is known as a car fanatic and has a large collection of notable cars. Some of his collection include the Ferrari F50, F512M, F355 GTS, F360 Modena, Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano, Lamborghini Diablo SE30, Mercedes-Benz SL600, Mercedes CLK DTM, Porsche 911 Turbo. He was famous for popularizing a new type of “center-split hair style” that became a crazed trend.

Aaron Kwok known for his roles in Cold War, City Under Siege, 2000 AD, The Storm Riders and upcoming The Monkey King.

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