5 epic movie fight scenes you should watch again

movie fight scenes

Every action movie needs an epic fight scene whether it’s good guys vs bad thugs, Shaolin vs Ninja, or even just for the sheer brutality. It’s a catchy fight scene that really gets action fans pulses racing.

It’s hard to pick just 5 fighting scenes as there are so many out there, but instead of going with popular ones I selected 5 that really stand out because of their memorability. If you have never seen them for any reason or don’t remember it’s a good chance to refresh your memory and maybe even buy a DVD or Blu-ray.

Robert De Niro’s Pen Scene from Casino

The casino is known as being one of the greatest gambling films of all time, but it also contains one of the most epic fight scenes too. True, when a fight scene comes to mind you’ll probably think of martial arts or mobs of fighters. Yet the sheer brutality and shock of the pen scene is a scene that will stick with us all forever.

In the scene, Robert De Niro’s character can be seen offering a pen back to its owner, however, due to the smack talk he receives, Joe Pesci’s character brutally stabs the man repeatedly in the neck with said pen. Totally violent and classic Martin Scorsese, after watching this fight scene you will never look at a pen the same way again.

Jason Statham vs mob thugs in Wild Card

When it comes to Jason Statham you can be sure he wouldn’t disappoint you as he is fighting for real, he doesn’t do Kung Fu or BJJ.

The end fight in the Wild Card movie is one of the best movie scenes you can see on a screen. It’s so tough, deadly and brutal so you can’t stop watching how Las Vegas bodyguard using his lethal professional skills and a knife to tear down mob thugs. It’s all or nothing!

Jet Li vs Twins in The Kiss of The Dragon

Kiss of The Dragon is one of the best action movies from written and produced by Luc Besson. The film was definitely made to satisfy Jet Li‘s fans, who presented very realistic fight scenes. When it comes to Jet the level of action and ferocity he brings to each movie is absolutely stunning.

Jet Li and Cyril Raffaelli choreographed the amazing fight scene where Jet must fight two deadly blonde twins to make his way out. It’s straightforward street fighting!

Keith Cooke vs thugs in The King of Kickboxers

Keith Cooke got his fame in 80-90s with kickboxing movies but unfortunately moved to the fitness industry and action fans lost another great screen fighter. Cooke is one of the best kickers in the world and in The King of Kickboxers he proves that without argue when fighting thugs in his old house.

Chirrut vs Stormtroopers in Rogue One

If Darth Vader was scary enough for the 80s, in XXI century only Donnie Yen can save the world with a stick as a spiritual warrior Chirrut. Donnie creates the unique style for each movie and that’s why fans around the world love to see him fighting.

Yen’s character has been hailed in most reviews for fighting prowess and zen-like ability to remain calm in the face of all he comes across.

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