The film is a re-working of an earlier movie called Angels movie made in 2012 starring Dustin Nguyen and Gary Daniels. Angels was only released in Vietnam and re-shoots with Scott Adkins and Kane Kosugi allowed to re-edit and create a new film named Zero Tolerance for the world wide market. (You can watch Angels trailer at the end of this page).

Filmmaker Wych Kaosayananda says the following about makeover: “Angels has undergone some pretty radical changes since the start of 2014, we’ve done some additional shooting and added Scott Adkins to the cast and it should be released sometime this year under the new name, Zero Tolerance.”

Watch the trailer below and leave your comments.

Synopsis: Bangkok, Thailand. The body of a naked and bound young woman (Angel) is discovered on the Chao Praya river. A senior Royal Thai Police Department detective arrives on the scene and is horrified to discover that the victim is the daughter of one of his oldest friends, Johnny – a man whose friendship goes back to earlier days when both were CIA surrogates. A man who will stop at nothing to make whoever is responsible pay!

Zero Tolerance