In 2009 there were rumours that Jean-Claude Van Damme and Vinnie Jones will play the world’s best assassins. Jones’ character will be a master sharpshooter, while Van Damme’s Jack Conway will be skilled with a knife. But at the same time blogcritics website announced that Flagship Films and producers Alison Semenza and Todd Moyer are bringing together two of the ’80s’ hottest action stars – Steven Seagal and Jean Claude Van Damme.

Eventually in 2010 The Scott Adkins Fanz website has confirmed that the Undisputed 2 and 3 star Scott Adkins signed on board Van Damme’s Weapon, which is slated to start shooting in Romania in early September.

In October 2010, the day after 50th birthday, mass media announced that Jean Claude Van Damme suffered a minor heart attack on the set of his new movie Weapon in New Orleans, but The Muscles from Brussels denied all reports.

Here is the first 2 videos from the sets.

Plot: Brazil (Van Damme) is a professional assassin who uses knives and sharp weapons to carry out his hits. Scott Adkins is playing Flint, a former operative for British Intelligence who took an early retirement after his wife (played by Bianca Van Varenberg) was brutalized by Polo and his gang. He’s an expert sniper, who was in the British Army prior to be recruited by MI-6.