Outcast stars Nicolas Cage and Hayden Christensen as Christian Crusaders who head east into China after fleeing a Middle Eastern battlefield. They team up with the son and daughter of a deposed emperor to defeat the siblings’ evil uncle and usurper of the throne.

Also film stars Yifei Liu, Andy On, Ron Smoorenburg, Jawed El-Berni, the Dasz Brothers, Alaa Safi and Fernando Chien.

On September 26, the period action film Outcast, a France/U.S.A./China co-production, was withdrawn by Chinese studio Yunnan Film Group, its principal local investor, without any immediate explanation and just two hours before its scheduled midnight previews in Beijing.

According to news website china.org.cn, Outcast is slated for a re-release in China sometime in January 2015, shortly before it hits North America in February. However, no exact date has so far been announced. It is also not clear whether there will be any changes to the movie compared to its withdrawn original version.

Check out the trailer below.

source: filmjournal.com