Donnie Yen returns to Hollywood as Noodle Man

Noodle Man has been renamed into American Revenge and will be directed by Daming Chen.

Donnie Yen said that in the Year of the Sheep he will first make Ip Man 3 and then in July he will be working on American film Noodle Man for two months.

As Yen more popular than ever, many American fans have asked the question: will Donnie Yen ever return to Hollywood before he becomes too old to be a viable screen star? And here is the answer.

Donnie Yen returns to Hollywood cinema with an upcoming martial arts movie called Noodle Man produced by Michael Shamberg (Django Unchained).

“What we are doing here is not only very unique, but will hopefully serve as the model of merging the best from East and West,” said Yen. “(Michael) understands the changing climate of the business and is very progressive in his approach.”

“Donnie’s wonderful blend of acting talent and martial arts makes him a unique star,” said Shamberg, who added he hoped to make a movie with global appeal.

The Noodle Man will star Donnie in the role of a former Chinese cop who retires to New York City after his partner is murdered and opens his own noodle shop. Fifteen years later, the very same same drug kingpin who killed Yen’s partner walks into his Chinatown noodle shop…and the quest for revenge begins.,