Never Back Down 3 coming out on June 7

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You wanted the shot, that’s your shot. New school v the old school.

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Never Back Down 3: No Surrender is set for release on June 7. Michael Jai WHite returns as Case Walker who finds himself in Thailand as a professional fighter against the best. Don’t forget about special appearances of Jeeja Yanin and Tony Jaa.

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Never Back Down 3

White mentioned that he plans to add both Tony Jaa and Jeeja Yanin in the film. While Michael has finally arrived in Bangkok and Jaa has yet to confirm his involvement in the film, Jeeja recently confirmed her involvement via her Facebook page.

Never Back Down 3

“We’ve got some of the top ones but the ink’s not dry yet. Tony Jaa’s going to make an appearance and also Jeeja [Yanin] is going to be in it. Also I’ll be joined by Josh Barnett who is the most celebrated heavyweight MMA champion ever. There’ll be some fights between Josh and I.”


Josh Barnett revealed he will be headed to Thailand for the duration of June to shoot his next film, Never Back Down 3, in which he will be a co-star.

“The stars will be Michael Jai-White, and I will be trying to make him look good,” Barnett joked. “I am a co-star. Which is great. And again, there will be fighting, but mostly dialogue — which for some folks might seem daunting — but, to me it is preferred. It allows to give more depth to who this character is so that when the fighting happens hopefully you are more invested.”

Around three years ago, it was Jai-White — who is a friend of Barnett’s — who pushed for the fighter to pursue opportunities in acting.

source: / May 15, 2015

Nuke: You got a chance to direct Never Back Down 2. Are you planning to direct again?

MJW: Yes, I’m actually going to be directing Never Back Down 3. I think I leave for Thailand in about three weeks. By the end of the second movie, you see that my character has gotten an invitation to get back into the ring and to compete for the MMA crown. So this is that character embarking on that challenge.

source: / May 4, 2015

On August 20, 2014 news of Never Back Down 3 began to circulate online. Normally, this would fall under the classification of a rumor or online chatter, except for the fact that it surfaced from White’s own Facebook page with the following image and caption:

“From Never Back Down II, standby for news of Never Back Down 3”

And it gets better! White further teased fans via Facebook on August 26th with the following: “I guess you might call this ‘Never Back Down Generations”.