Ip Man 2 movie review

If the first Ip Man martial arts movie tells a story about Japanese invaision in 1937 where Ip Man fights for the honor of Chinese people, so in the sequel he

Green Hornet movie review

Are you look scary? Don’t mess with Chudnofsky – Bloodnofsky! Well, Green Hornet movie is absolutely not a regular superhero movie. Looks like Kick-Ass movie but for adults. Russian mobster

Kung Fu Wing Chun movie review

I just jump up from my chair when read Ng See-Yuen is going to make his own martial arts movie based on Kung Fu Wing Chun topic. For those who

The Game of Death movie review

One year ago Wesley Snipes and helmer Abel Ferrara decided to reunite on action-thriller The Game of Death, it could be their second project together since Ferrara’s 1990 cult film

Warrior’s Way movie review

Warrior‘s Way took over 2 years after it finally find a home in theaters. I wasn’t expecting much from this movie. First of all martial arts movie The Warrior’s Way

Invisible Target movie review

Benny Chan’s Invisible Target is one of the few Hong Kong martial arts movies I enjoyed watching in 2007 and decided to re-watch again. After the success of Jackie Chan‘s