Blizhniy Boy The Ultimate Fighter movie review

Cung Le: “In the movie I play the son of a rich businessmen who has ties with the Russian mob. As not to spoil the film, the mob sets up

Choy Lee Fut movie review

Choy Lee Fut was a surprise for me, because I have not heard so much about it before the first trailer released in February, and in June I finally got the

Bangkok Knockout movie review

I was waiting for this martial arts movie like any other fan, so when I finally got it I prepared to see some really amazing stunts and fighting sequences. First

Kampfansage movie review

I was going to watch this German martial arts movie long time ago, but did not have a time. Now I put my hands or eyes on it and ready

Shaolin movie review

Who do not know about Shaolin? Everybody have heard this word. So if you are an martial arts movies fan, you must watch Shaolin movie. Plot: China in the 1920s

Street Fighter movie review

Street Fighter, commonly known as SF, is a series of fighting games developed in Japan by Capcom and released on August 30, 1987. The players pit the video games’ competitive