Thousand Pounds Action Company, since promoting and successfully fundraising their newest action series, finally released the first episode of Clandestine. A trio, Chris Cowan, Haile Lee and Lex Randleman present you the new lady dragon Amy Johnston in a truly awesome and original live-action spectacle that has everything to attract suits from film companies.

Series description: Enter the world of Clandestine.

Hidden within the recesses of modern society, lives four ancient supernatural clans who have been feuding since the beginning of time. Adelene, a young girl who knew nothing of the war between the clans, is suddenly thrown in the thick of it when it’s prophesied that she is the next matriarchal successor to the one of the Families.

Adelene begins her journey to learn all of what mankind has forgotten as she struggles to become the clans new “Matriarch”. The secrets of what life was like “before”, the decisions that risk countless lives, and the constant struggle to keep the clan united, are just a few of the dangerous trials she must now face… and survival is not guaranteed.

A martial arts action epic with political intrigue, love, and unforgettable supernatural action.

Epic Rival presents: Clandestine

Plot: Elliot Dural, the Patriarch of the Lion clan, goes over the various mistakes he’s made in his life as he now faces a new challenge that may lead to bloodshed and war. He begins to leave the compound in the dead of night, making a decision that may end his own life for the sake of his clansmen. Greeting him at the exit is Ida, one of the eldest remaining clansmen and mother figure to all, she begs Elliot to rethink his decision and reminds him that the burden of their fate does not solely rest on his shoulders. This discussion between the wise leaders of the Lion clan is but one instance in a chain of events that will spark the conflict throughout Clandestine. Here is where our story begins…

Amy JohnstonAmy Johnston was raised in the wild west of Wyoming. As the daughter of 5 time world champion kickboxer, David Johnston, Amy has trained and performed in Martial Arts her entire life. She has won numerous first place and Grand Champion awards in forms and fighting around the country, and was invited to perform at the United States Martial Arts Hall of Fame Extravaganza for Kung Fu Magazine. Along with a wide variety of martial arts styles, she has studied dance and gymnastics.

At age 13, Amy starred in Karate Kids Workout with Emmy Award winning Director, Lee Stanley. Thus began her passion to inspire and show girls that they can be beautiful and strong at the same time. At the age of 18, she ventured on her own to Hollywood to pursue a career in martial arts film. Now in Los Angeles, Amy’s abundance of talent has overflown into acting and stunt performance, with Amy already having several professional appearances under her belt.