Blood and Bone movie review

This is the first martial arts movie which I watched twice with 1 year break before write a review. Probably Michael Jai White is one of those mysteries martial artists that Hollywood hasn’t figured out yet, but fans perfectly knows him and waiting for his every new movie, especially since Undisputed 2 happened and gave a chance to star him and Scott Adkins.

This martial arts movie is the typical flick on DTV and tells the story of Bone, a man just released from prison, whom we know from the first fight at the beginning of the film that he’s a martial arts badass, who can beat Kimbo Slice and a group of unfortunate henchmen.

Bone is very tough guy and attends an underground fight tournament where won fight by fight. But why he is doing this? Probably this is not the main aim of this movie, because the reason is pretty obvious. This movie made for Michael Jai White and by Michael Jai White from the beginning to the end. It reminded me old school films where a hero was a super fighter who knew everything and can kick everybodys ass, sorry guys, but you would not hook me up on this again, I grew up (LOL). I know that Michael is a real deal, who holds black belts in following martial arts: Shotokan Karate, Tae Kwon Do, Okinawan Kobudo, Goju Ryu, Tang Soo Do, Wushu and Kyokushin Karate, but he is not some kind of an old Shaolin monk.

Blood and Bone is a really funny film and shares some story beats with van Damme‘s Lionheart. Michael Jai White owns this role, portrays Bone as some sort of unstoppable intelligent man who has a plan, and intends to keep his plan and his promise to a friend.

The fights are stand out here. The 4-man jump kick is outstanding. The fight with Former NFL player Bob Sapp looks not bad, but quick, maybe because Bob Sapp is very huge and scary (LOL)! The final fight with Matt Mullins, who you have seen in Mortal Kombat Legacy as a Johnny Cage, is fantastic, as each fighter sizes up the other, the choreography is smooth, and really allows both men to shine. No wonder, because JJ Perry knows what he is doing and did it again here with a help of his fantastic team: Fernando Chien (Art of War, Fast Five), Sam Hargrave (Warrior, Conan The Barbarian), Steve Upton (Rush Hour 3, Green Hornet).

Blood and Bone show us what Michael Jai White can do, and he puts it all together here, the acting, the fighting, the humor… a little.

Summing up this is a very good example of how good martial arts movie should looks like if team up talented fighters and like-minded people together. What is especially good that camera at good angles so we can see the action and there is no quick-cut editing. I’m glad to see that Michael took his career into his own hands and probably will do a sequel to this movie very soon. And by the way if you will be attentive you will notice a legendary Robert Wall from Enter the Dragon movie.