Let’s have a look at what is cooking for 2014. Besides the most anticipated martial arts movies of 2014 such as The Raid 2 Berandal, Ninja 2, The Expendables 3, Police Story 2013 and Undisputed IV we have something else on a table.

Asian cinema wants to revive Wong Fei-Hung movies with a new leading star Eddie Peng who is practicing 10 hours of martial arts every day. In Rise of the Legend Peng will star alongside Jing Boran, Sammo Hung and Angelababy, film is slated for release in the second half of 2014.

Michael Jai White is going to introduce his new Favela movie to the world in 2014, but already working on The Job movie, some kind of drama, where playing a former boxing champ. Second season of Metal Hurlant Chronicles TV series where he played alongside Darren Shahlavi set to release in 2014 too. Moreover Michael is going to work on sequels to the Blood and Bone and Black Dynamite movies.

JCVD is ready for his Enemies Closer film release on DVD on 30 December 2013, and straight after on 15 January 2014 we will see the modern crime thriller Swelter.

Scott Adkins‘ Hercules: The Legend Begins will be released only in March 2014, but all fans still waiting for the Re-Kill zombie movie. Adventure film Legendary will be available for USA fans in 2014. Moreover Scott just wrapped up his work on The Wolf movie alongside Wu Jing, so we are waiting for 2014 movie release.

Sammo Hung finished his work on Once Upon a Time in Shanghai where he uses his kung fu skills against Andy On, film has to be released in China in 2013 but western fans as always will see it later in 2014. Sammo also rumored to come back in Sha Po Lang 2 alongside Wu Jing and Andy On.

Dolph Lundgren will pop up in 2014 with A Certain Justice where he plays alongside Cung Le, then will be A Man Will Rise with Tony Jaa. Moreover he is set to join forced with Tony Jaa again for the Skin Trade movie about mafia’s human traffick.

Tony Jaa will surprise us with his appearance in Fast & Furious 7 which is set to release on 11 July 2014, and western fans eventually will see his kick-ass sequel Protector 2 in 2014.

Jackie Chan is attached to play a detective from Hong Kong in the Skiptrace alongside Seann William Scott and Bingbing Fan. And there are still rumors around Rush Hour 4 (may be it is about time after 7 years break).

And eventually Donnie Yen, the most Asian busy bee, will introduce his Iceman Cometh 3D on January 30 and then The Monkey King on February 14, his the Last of the Best action has been renamed to Kung Fu Killer and expected to be released in 2014 also. As always there are a lot of rumours about Ip Man 3 but it wouldn’t happen until 2016 I suppose. And it’s about a time to see Donnie in English-speaking action movie which is currently in pre-production, Priority Run tells a story about guards and prisoners alliance against a sinister organization.

As you can see a lot of martial arts movies coming our way in 2014, but will it be worth to watch and spend a dollar, time will tell.