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Boyka Undisputed 4


Bring me a champion! Boyka is back in Undisputed 4

Check the sneak peek of Undisputed 4 final fight.

Check out the full trailer to Boyka. Undisputed movie.

Check out the teaser trailer to Undisputed IV. Support this film. You know? With money. Not torrents and illegal downloads.

Undisputed 4

Meet Koshmar – cannibal, rapist, murderer and the villain of Undisputed 4.

Most Complete Fighter Boyka Undisputed 4 now filming.

The calm before the storm – #BOYKA springs back into action this Monday.

Tim Man will be serving as action choreographer on Undisputed IV, he was most recently seen in Scott Adkins’ Ninja Shadow of a Tear. So we can expect another approach in fights.

Scott Adkins: “I’m very happy to announce that tomorrow I leave for Bulgaria to begin work on Boyka: Undisputed IV. It’s been 6 years since we shot part 3 and the character of Yuri Boyka seems to have took on a life of his own. Not a day goes by without a comment on this Facebook page about when Boyka will return – well the time has come!! I’m sure this will be one of the toughest shoots in my career and I hope that you will ALL support this movie the right way when it gets released. We will do our best to give the fans of these genre movies what they want.”

Good news! Undisputed 4 starts filming this June in Germany.

Isaac Florentine: “Something is always changing in Boyka. That character is deeply religious. Already you see this in the scene that establishes him in Undisputed 2. In Undisputed 3 we see what motives him is that he is truly religious. Basically this will continue to motivate him in the next chapter…”

Scott Adkins needs your help:

“Undisputed IV – do you want to see Boyka back inside the prison underground circuit? or on the outside onto a new chapter in his life? I want to hear your thoughts people.”

Leave your comments below.

Audiences at Fantastic Fest are currently being bowled over by the visceral fight scenes in Ninja: Shadow of the Tear, the latest collaboration between Scott Adkins and director Isaac Florentine. Ninja producer Frank Di Martin also took to the stage at Fantastic Fest to reveal that screenwriter David White is hard at work on the screenplay for martial arts movie Undisputed IV, which will likely be Scott Adkins’ next project.

Both director Isaac Florentine and Scott Adkins want to make it, but it’s difficult to find funding. Undisputed III was not a big hit, due in large part to people pirating the film.

“For me, I would want to call it Boyka: Undisputed IV because now it’s out of the jail setting,” Adkins said. “Boyka’s out of prison. It’s onto the next step of his life. I think people know the character Boyka so well now anyway that you could just go Boyka: Undisputed IV.”

“I’ve got some ideas of who I’d like to see in a film as the main villain, but I don’t want to say yet. I don’t want to say just in case things change. I need the green light and the go ahead.”

“We’ve got a script and I’d hope to do it next year, but ultimately it’s not up to me.”


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