Top Sci-Fi Movies and futuristic gadgets of today

Truth is stranger than fiction, at times.

Sci-Fi movies have always been a great source to give us all a glimpse of things to come in future. Wild futuristic gadgets and technologies shown in many of the Sci-Fi movies of the past have gone on to become an everyday reality.

Sci-Fi or science fiction movies are basically driven by experimental thoughts and concepts that might seem no more than just a wishful thinking. However, we must all remember that discoveries and inventions have always been made by going beyond the boundaries of impossible.

If you are wondering if ever any Sci-Fi movie has correctly predicted the future, the answer is a resounding yes! There are a good number of Sci-fi movies that became reality. Wondering which are the top movies that made the right predictions?

The Top Sci-Fi Movies that Made some Great Predictions.

Let’s take a look at the some of the most memorable gadgets or technologies that were first on display in the movies before being actually invented:

Woman in the moon

Technology: Space Travel
This 1929 movie accurately depicted the execution of a multi-stage spacecraft.

2001: A Space Odyssey

Technology: Tablet
Computer: Stanley Kubric’s movie gave us a wonderful device that most of us own today: the tablet computers.

Back to the Future Part II

Technology: Google Glass
Does anyone remember the smart eye-gear that McFly’s kids used in the movie?

Star Trek III: The search for Spock

Technology: Mobile phone
Who can forget the famous Star Trek franchise when it comes to predicting future gadgets and technologies? This 1984 flick can be a credit to have introduced the world to first handheld communicators, or as they are called now, cell phones

Ender’s Game

Technology: Indoor skydiving
The Antigravity Battle Room bore a strong resemblance to the Indoor Skydiving machines of today.

Minority Report

Technologies: Face-scanning
Marketing Technology, Air Touch Technology.

Short Circuit

Technology: Military Robots
These eighties flick rightly predicted the heavy use of robots in the US Army’s military arsenal.

Total Recall

Technology: Driverless car
This 1990 movie starring Arnold Schwarzenegger introduced us to the possibility of a driverless car

Looking Backward

Technology: ATM and Credit Cards
The protagonist falls asleep in 1887 and wakes up in the year 2000 only to find out that money has been replaced by plastic cards. Edward Bellamy, the director, knew this all in 1888. Phew!

Iron Man

Technology: TALOS
The US Military’s new battle gear bears a striking resemblance to the Iron Man’s now legendary suit.

There have been many more instances other than the ones we have mentioned in this column where Sci-Fi flicks have acted as a precursor of things to come in future. So the next time you go for watching a sci-fi movie at your nearby theatre, keep your eyes and mind open. You might just see a revolutionary idea flashing across the large screen.