Another epic movie The Warring States

Korean actress Kim Hee-seon came back to the big screen with a new martial arts movie titled The Warring States.

Kim, 33, has appeared in over a dozen Korean television dramas and films since her debut in 1993. She was one of the most in-demand actresses in the country before she got married in 2007 to businessman Park Ju-young. In 2005 he played in “The Myth” alongside action star Jackie Chan.

The cast members of The Warring States martial arts movie include Chinese actors Sun Honglei, Francis NG, South Korean actress Kim Hee Seon and Japanese actor Kiichi Nakai.

Plot: The movie is set in the ancient Warring States Period of China. Sun Honglei impersonates Sun Bin, the famous strategist of the period, who authored Sun Bin’s Art of War. According to the trailer, Sun Bin’s rival Pang Juan traps Sun before the King of Wei. Sun loses his kneecaps and goes to service for the Qi state. He swears to take revenge on Pang Juan.

The The Warring States film is going to hit cinemas nationwide on April, 2011.


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