Chen Kaige’s upcoming 3D martial arts film The Monk got Aaron Kwok who joined Vanness Wu, Jaycee Chan and Danny Chan.

The Monk, a co-production between Columbia Pictures and Chinese production companies, tells the story about a highly-skilled monk who is forced to leave his monastery and fight for himself in the outside world. It is based on Xu Haofeng’s novel A Monk Comes Down the Mountain.

Aaron will play the titular monk, a highly skilled martial arts master. Chen Kaige has expressed his confidence in Aaron, who is a two-time Best Actor winner at the Hong Kong Film Awards.

A few days ago, the 48-year-old actor filmed his first scene for the movie, which was an action sequence consisting of his character fighting against ten opponents in the snow. Action choreographer Ku Huen Chiu revealed that Aaron did all the stunts himself and spent an entire day to master his moves.

Aaron said, “I have an old injury on my leg, but thankfully I do not need to do strong and powerful movements because my character’s fighting style focuses on being steady and calm.” The crew praised Aaron’s professionalism throughout the entire fight sequence, and even applauded for him after the scene was done. Chen Kaige also complimented, “His eyes are full of acting, and definitely worthy of the Film King title.”

In addition, American media reported that Sony Pictures Releasing International will be handling the international distribution of the film, including Hong Kong and Taiwan.