The infamous hitman Soho Jimbo

We all love to watch fabulous film shorts but Soho Jimbo will exceed your expectations!

It’s stylish and fresh and leaves you only with a positive feelings but the only one bad side about this project is – it lasts only 7 minutes.

Soho Jimbo is made by UK based director Chris Chung and his amazing team, and stars Alan Wai from Into the Badlands TV series. Most of the guys you see performing the action did stunts on films like Now You See Me 2 and Doctor Strange.

Amazing fighting choreography blended with comedic scenes remind Stephen Chow’s Kung Fu Hustle and make this project really stands out. Film director is inspired by Jackie Chan, Donnie Yen and Monty Python so no wonder it will bring back a lot of good memories.

Guys shot it over two days as part of the challenge, and now looking to take the project forward as a feature film. And no wonder, as it has a lot of potential.

Must say, this is the best short I’ve experienced in a long time, it’s like a fresh breeze in the ocean of latest disappointing full-length martial arts movies. Glad to see such talents exist and capable to shot such great shorts.


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Writer & Director – Chris Chung
Producer – Christine Cheung
Executive producers – Milan Krsljanin & Abigail Berry
Stunt Co-ordinator – Russell Macleod
Cast – Alan Wai, Daphne Cheung, Wai Wong, Conner Mckenzy, Naomi Christie, David Cheung, Bruce Chong, Jing Lang, Leon Sua, Ling Whye Hang, Nick Cheung, Guymon Cheung