The Legend is Born Ip Man movie review

Another great movie on Ip Man topic.

The Legend is Born Ip Man serves as a prequel to Ip Man’s life before becoming the Master of Wing Chun. It depicts Ip Man’s younger days in Hong Kong as a student, and returning to Foshan, China, where he spends his formative years training to become the ultimate martial arts legend. The movie stars IP Chun, the eldest son of Master IP Man, as Leung Pik, IP Man’s second Wing Chun master, Dennis To Yu Hang, the youngest World Kung Fu Champion of Hong Kong who plays the young Ip Man and Fan Siu-wong, who also performed in the “Ip Man” series.

Was glad to see big brother Sammo Hung from the first scenes, but was more amazed when saw Yuen Biao too. Probably producers missed the perfect chance to promote this movie united three brothers together again, they could invite Jackie as a cameo actor, but did not… For me Sammo became the symbol of Ip Man movies and his new idea with a bllindfold fight with Yuen Biao looks great, moreover he done a great job on Detective Dee Movie.

In The Legend is Born Ip Man movie Kung Fu Wing Chun school became very popular and even children and girls study the art. And among all this crowd we can see Ip Man as a young purposeful student, who is very popular ladykiller and can kick anybody’s ass. After he kicked the bad guys at the fest he meet old man who becomes his second master and teachs him the new tricks and does it very successful.

After some time Ip Man could beat the sifu but did not do this because of respect. You know if come back to reality it is funny to see how the real son of Ip Man (Ip Chun) beat the unreal Ip Man, his father, and teach him the real Wing Chun.

Especially want to pay your attention to the lady with sabre, where did you guys take this from? There was another good idea to show Japanese as ninjas who fight Wing Chun students. Moreover, I do not know maybe Ip Man was really very very talented or traveled a lot around Asia where he could take some lessons in Eskrima, but where did he get skills in mix martial arts?

Anyway, I liked The Legend is Born Ip Man and think it is on the same level as the first Ip Man with Donnie Yen. Ip Man 2 is very poor movie and on my opinion made as Hollywood chewing gum for making money. Great fighting choreography of Tony Leung Siu Hung, good casting of martial artists and nice script.

Good Job!