CIA and FSB join forces to stop terrorist group in Maximum Impact

Maximum Impact is the new action movie directed by legendary Andrzej Bartkowiak, produced by Alexander Izotov and Alexander Nevsky. The film tells a story about CIA and FSB agents who have to work together to stop an international terrorist group.

Andrzej Bartkowiak previously directed such great action films as Cradle 2 the Grave with Jet Li, Doom with Dwayne Johnson, Exit Wounds with Steven Seagal, Street Fighter with Kristin Kreuk. He also worked as a director of photography on Twins, Lethal Weapon 4, The Devil’s Advocate and Speed to name a few.

Can you imagine what kind of experience he is able to bring to every movie and especially with such amazing cast around which blends Hollywood, Asian and Russian stars together. You only read the names below:

  • Mark Dacascos
  • Matthias Hues
  • Danny Trejo
  • Eric Roberts
  • William Baldwin
  • Kelly Hu
  • Bai Ling
  • Keith Powers
  • Tom Arnold
  • Alexander Nevsky
  • Evgeniy Stychkin
  • Maxim Vitorgan
  • Polina Butorina
  • Maria Bravikova

And on top of that James Lew as a fighting choreographer, stunt coordinator and second unit director, and Ross LaManna as a writer who created the Rush Hour movies. WOW!

Alexander Nevsky works hard to bring old school action movies back to our screens and for sure he will succeed. Maximum Impact will have a theatrical release in Russia and CIS with great changes to be shown worldwide.

Do you want to see Mark Dacascos with moustaches delivering fancy green box, Matthias Hues in Russian uniform or Kelly Hu kicking out soldiers from the stairs? All of that you will find in the Maximum Impact.

Synopsis: The US State Secretary arrives on a secret summit in Moscow, in order to dissipate the tension between the Russia-Americal relations. However the world face the threat of a World War III, when a leader of an international terrorist group organizes an assassination of the US State Secretary and kidnaps his granddaughter. Despite their differences, CIA and FSB unite to save humanity.

Check out movie stills below.