Jackie Chan presents Legendary Amazons

Jackie Chan presents epic movie Legendary Amazons, which is set for release on DVD & Blu-Ray on May 14th, 2012, so you can watch trailer below.

Formerly titled Lady Generals Of The Yang Family, Legendary Amazons is based on a famous Chinese opera set in the Song Dynasty. When the men of the Yang Clan were massacred in battle, the women, from elderly grandmother to little sisters, put on armor and led the army to victory. A Yang family daughter-in-law, Mu Guiying, is a celebrated woman warrior in Chinese folklore.

Cecilia Cheung’s comeback continues with this martial arts movie Legendary Amazons, while Frankie Chan is directing his first outing as director in over ten years. With Jackie Chan onboard as producer, the film sees Cecilia Cheung joined by a host of other top female performers, including Shaw action legend Cheng Pei Pei, Mainland actress Liu Xiaoqing and Kathy Chow, popular Taiwanese actor/singer Richie Jen and Xiao Mingyu heading up the male contingent and veteran favourite Wu Ma making an appearance.

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