A reality show/competition in Hong Kong to search for the next new Kung Fu movie star cropped up on the TVB Channel!

The hosts of the show boasts the slick duo of MC Jin, hip hop artist from NYC, currently residing in HK and Chin Ka Lok, veteran HK actor/stunt choreographers. Lau Kar Yun & Tony Leung Siu Hung were giving some advice to the contestants.

Organised by Hong Kong television station TVB, the inaugural event will also be held in countries such as Malaysia and the United States. The winners of each leg compete in the grand finals in Hong Kong in August or September.

Alex Cheung (the Founder of Wu Dao and promoter of Chinese Martial Arts along with culture and philosophy by performances, lessons and workshops) on his website said that have been selected by TVB to participate the International Kung Fu Star 2011 reality show right after my Journey to Wudang. There are preliminaries for several countries and he will represent The Netherlands for this contest.