Merantau is a great martial arts movie and reminded me the first Ong Bak when Tony Jaa just blew away everybody with his new movie fighting style. Iko Uwais looks like Tony and while he is working on The Raid, another indonesian filmmaker Lee Ngan Cheong decided to show all his abilities with the Fight City of Darkness martial arts movie. A nearly four minute long promo premiered at the Hong Kong Filmart, and now is making the rounds on the internet. I have to say, it looks not so good and does not make me feel “I want it”. These few minutes have more kickass action than most genre movies manage to cram into a full-length feature.

Fight City of Darkness is the story of four young men – orphans who grew up together, becoming a sort of surrogate family – who are drawn into a fight to the death against a group of local gangsters.

While the plot doesn’t break any new ground, it is the fighting and the action sequences that are going to make “Fight” stand out from the crowd, and from appearances, it’s going to be a gritty good face-kicking time. There are some obvious wire moments, but for the most part, Shak Lap Fai’s fight choreography looks spot on, and Fight City of Darkness is can be on your list of movies you need to see sooner than later right next to “Bangkok Knockout”.