You can now check out a full fight sequence from the upcoming indie martial arts movie Death Grip. Written, directed by and starring The Stunt People‘s Eric Jacobus (read his interview), the film follows a man forced to fight for his life after his brother becomes wrapped up in the dark world of a murderous satanic cult.

Synopsis: After 15 years of estrangement, caterer Kenny Zemacus checks his autistic brother Mark out of a care home in an effort to set his life straight. Assigned a last minute museum catering gig, Kenny reluctantly brings Mark along, who is immediately captivated by the museum’s showpiece – the world-renowned Sacred Coin of Judas. When a murderous satanic cult attempts to steal the coin after the event, Mark’s childlike fascination unwittingly entangles the two brothers in the middle, pinning them with the crime.

Worried that contacting the authorities will result in social services taking Mark away again, Kenny decides they must recover the Coin themselves to clear their names. When Mark is captured, Kenny must descend into the cult’s demonic world to save his brother, propelling them both face to face with their own dark past.

Death Grip