Cung Le plays the prime target in A Certain Justice

A Certain Justice is another action flick from MMA fighter and actor Cung Le. This time he joined forces with Dolph Lundgren and Vinnie Jones, who playing bad guys of cause.

Director Giorgio Serafini known by the latest VOD actions such as Blood of Redemption, Ambushed and Game of Death shared a directing chair with James Coyne, who worked previously on the Vikingdom as a writer and Tekken as a co-producer.

Cung Le choreographed the action and produced the film along with co-stars Lundgren and Gianni Capaldi.

If you are a fan of Le you should be exited…

Synopsis: After returning home from a traumatic tour of duty in Iraq, John finds himself struggling with PTSD. What little peace he had managed to build around him is shattered one fateful day when he rescues a local call girl from a group of violent Aryan Brotherhood pimps. Having killed several of the high-ranking brotherhood during the rescue, John and his family are now the prime targets of Hollis, the ruthless criminal leader of the group.

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