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Tekken movie review


Tekken movie review

No room for real actors to star!

Waiting for The Tekken Movie premiere I expected to see the real action, down-to-earth fights and nice acting. From the first minutes I was hooked by cool music and hi-octane action from the new martial arts star Jon Foo. First time I saw him in the Tom Yum Goong movie alongside Tony Jaa and now he has got the main part in the first popular fighting game adaptation, nice career.

Yes, the Tekken is full of real fighters but among them you can very easy find the real actors like Gary Daniels, Cary Hiroyuki Tagawa and Luke Goss. Want to say the part of Steve Fox is to small for Luke Goss and for his actors abilities, moreover producers wanted to give this part to Gary Daniels but later offered him the part of Bryan Fury which he played perfectly. Gary is a good actor with a lot of movies in his luggage, but on my opinion he looks amazing playing bad characters like Fury or mercenary in Expendables and killer in upcoming Game of Death. Want to pay your attention once again there was not enough room for such talents like Tagawa, Daniels and Goss to star and I will be happy to see prequel or spin-off based on their characters.

Want to say I was impressed by Tamlyn Tomita, a very hot woman, who plays the mother of Jin Kazama, the main character. I liked the character played by Ian Anthony Dale, he is very good actor and bad-ass and hope to see him in Mortal Kombat re-birth. Girl-fighters look very sexy but not so impressive on the ring. Kelly Overton is really hot with her Cherokee Indian background.

In general this movie not so bad for 2010 but it has to show much more to be comparised with Undisputed 3 or Karate Kid, fighting choreography made by one of the best stunt coordinators Cyrill Raffaelli, hot girls and locations, a lot of real fighters like Cung Le and Lateef Crowder. Film directed by amazing talent Dwight Little who gave us Rapid Fire with Brandon Lee, Marked for Death with Steven Seagal and Murder at 1600 with Wesley Snipes. But anyway Tekken Movie needs to show much much more to be half popular as the Mortal Kombat movie.

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