Invisible Target movie review

Benny Chan’s Invisible Target is one of the few Hong Kong martial arts movies I enjoyed watching in 2007 and decided to re-watch again.

After the success of Jackie Chan‘s New Police Story, Benny Chan delivers another stunning physical action movie Invisible Target, blending dynamic Hong Kong action choreography with jaw-dropping sets.

Synopsis: A team of battle-scarred cops unite to bring down a ruthless, violent criminal gang terrorising Hong Kong. Led by reckless, renegade cop Chan Chun (Nicholas Tse), still tortured by his fiancé’s accidental death during an armed robbery, the grizzled detective brings together his veteran colleague, Fong (Shawn Yue), and a wide eyed rookie, Wai King Ho (Jaycee Chan), to stop the city’s toughest gang. Tien Yeng Seng (Wu Jing) is the cold-blooded killer and thief who leads his group in an unrestrained mission of revenge against the police who thwarted their last mission, killing three of their crew. Facing their toughest adversaries and suspicious of corruption within their own ranks, the three fearless cops face their greatest challenge yet.

Invisible Target Movie brings energetic impressive performances from Nicholas Tse and Shawn Yue and Jackie Chan’s son, Jaycee. Wu Jing and Andy On are delivering just the right bad guy ingredients, playing tough villains.

Invisible Target gets action, action, and more action in the first hour — and even more action in the second hour. Wu Jing gives a nice performance as the villian and manages to encourage us to develop antipathy towards him. Some very brutal and in-your-face style fights mainly feauture Wu Jing and his godlike moves. It’s very welcome to see after his demonstration in “SPL“.

This movie is a nice flashback of the old school martial arts movies, the kind that would fit in nicely with the John Woo actioners of the late ’80s and ’90s. Fighting choreography are jaw-dropping and can be compared to Donnie Yen‘s Legend of The Fist Return of Chen Zhen or last super hit from Scott Adkins Undisputed 3.

Benny Chan is like Michael Bay for Hong Kong. If you want to get entertained by some nice action flick this is what you’ve been looking for.