The most remarkable moments from Chuck Norris’ career

Chuck Norris career

Although he may have fallen out of favor with Hollywood, the action movie star Chuck Norris has been providing no end of hilarity for the rest of us. So here’s a look at some of the more remarkable moments from the star’s career that have seen him declaring his political ambitions and even potentially becoming the focus of the online slots phenomenon!

Chuck the myth

chuck norris facts

Such is the larger than life figure of Chuck Norris that he’s become the star of his own Chuck Norris facts site that gather a collection of fictional facts attributed to the star. Our favorite has to be – Chuck Norris doesn’t dial the wrong number. You answered the wrong phone.

Chuck the devout

chuck norris christian

Despite his highly violent filmography that includes the legendary The Way of the Dragon, Chuck Norris is a committed Christian. And he even subscribes to the belief of Intelligent Design that suggests that it’s not natural selection that led to the evolution of the human race, rather an omnipresent being that overlooks our every move.

Chuck the gamer


Not content with being an iconic movie star, Chuck Norris has also made his first tentative steps into the gaming world with the admittedly lame Chuck Norris in the Attack of the Ninjas browser game. But there’s hope as his Way of the Dragon co-star Bruce Lee once appeared on a slots machine, and seeing as slots aren’t just movie franchises we could soon see a Chuck Norris slots game alongside some hilarious karate pig slots at the Lucky Nugget Casino site!

Chuck the politician

chuck norris politician

This might not surprise anyone who’s seen films like Lone Wolf McQuade, but Chuck Norris is a firm believer the rights of Americans to bear firearms. So much so that he’s donated thousands of dollars to the Republican party in their quest to limit the promotion of LGBT issues in schools, and even wrote a letter to Barack Obama with suggestions on how the President should ‘protect American life’.

Chuck the lover

chuck norris family

And finally, as well as being the potential star of online slots and being an aid to the political elite, it seems that Chuck Norris is something of a legend between the sheets too. Not only has he had more than his fair share of divorces and marriages with models 23 years younger than himself but he also amazingly had a daughter who he didn’t meet until she was 26 years old!

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