True Legend movie review

Five Venom Fist vs Drunken Fist!

In True Legend war hero Su Can leads a spectacularly daring raid on enemy forces before retiring home from his military life to his beloved wife and their newborn son. Six years later, his vengeful step-brother Yuang returns from war unrecognizably consumed by Dark Martial Arts and armed with his Five Venom Fist, which he wields to severely injure Su as payback for a long and dark family history. Su and his wife barely escape with their lives, but their son is now held captive by an increasingly psychotic Yuang. Over many long and difficult months, Su recovers from his injuries and once again hones his craft with the help of a mysterious Bearded Man and his apprentice, Lord Wushu, a Golden Monk of unimaginable martial arts virtuosity…. the new style was born forever known as The Drunken Fist!

Movie title beginning remindes me the Ip Man 2 Film, glad to see how Chinese filmmakers put their hands on the new technologies. And music in the beginning seems the same, but not, original Music for Ip Man 2 was written by Kenji Kawai, and for True Legend by Shigeru Umebayashi. Don’t know why but all these stairs and mountains in the beginning looks very similar, have seen it before in Indiana Jones or Bulletproof Monk!

And of cause I couldn’t keep silence about wire-fu. OK, Mr. Woo-ping you were making wuxia film but please tell me, why so many wires and flying people, OVERDOSE! Seems to me very soon they just forget how to walk in normal way. I understand it has to look outstanding on the screen but please don’t forget about realism a little bit or everybody will start thinking that to break the statue with your back and stand up in perfect shape without any scratch is normal for martial arts movie. What I am talking about!? We all know that! LOL

The main bad guy played by Andy On looks really scary with pale white face and gold armours sewed in his body.

I really missed Michelle Yeoh as a woman-warrior, where have you been all this time since year 2000? Of cause you played Zi Juan in The Mummy 3 and Lulu Wong in Silver Hawk, but Yu Shu Lien from the Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon is still your best role. Can’t wait for Reign of Assassins Movie, you will rock with John Woo.

The scene of fight inside the well with snakes is funny but unforgetable like round tables scene from Ip Man 2.

And here I have to finish up my review but no, producers decided to stay on the track with continious popularity of Chinese patriotism and made a 30 minutes scene of True Legend with very familiar story line of East-West opposition. Not again! What is so special about Wushu Federation? Fearless, Ip Man 2 and True Legend, who’s next?

This is a good opportunity for Yuen Woo-Ping to remind you, careless onlooker, why he is so famous. But Man Cheuk Chiu is not Jackie Chan and Drunken Master was much better, even without break dance tricks and Drunken Fist style history behind like in True Legend Movie.

Jay Chou looks good as a God of Wushu, didn’t noticed Luxia Jiang and Cung Le, but David Carradine as always stunning, even in so small part (R.I.P.).