Tekken 2 Kazuya’s Revenge

Check out the trailer for the sequel to 2009′s live-action adaptation of the hit video game Tekken with Jon Foo.

Tekken 2 Kazuya’s Revenge features Kane Kosugi in the lead with Gary Daniels and Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa reprising their roles as Bryan Fury and Heihachi. Fight choreography is handled by stuntman Brahim Achabakkhe, who most recently wrapped working with John Salvitti’s stunt team in Van Damme’s upcoming action thriller Pound of Flesh.

Tekken: Revenge Of Kazuya is set for release on Blu-Rays and DVDs on the 12th of August.

Synopsis: Suffering from amnesia, a young man trying to discover his true identity is kidnapped by an underground crime organization and turned into a ruthless assassin.

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