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Gary Daniels and Jon Foo joined Soldier Girls

Gary Daniels joined Soldier Girls movie, which is described as GI Jane meets The Expendables. No wonder, yeah?
First time Gary and Jon played together in the Tekken movie in 2010, where Daniels played Bryan Fury and Foo – Jin Kazama.

Plot: Kat Morgan is a soldier, serving with the United Nations Female Engagement Team. When she learns that her journalist sister has been captured by rebels in the Patani Region of Thailand, Kat soon realises that she and her team are the only ones prepared to do what it takes to get her out. Kat and the girls embark on a desperate rescue mission that reaches its bloody climax in the jungles of South East Asia.

In Soldier Girls Gary Daniels plays Steve Setters, a former Green Jacket and Northern Ireland veteran, who upped sticks in the late nineties for a better life inThailand. He found that his military experience came in handy, finding plenty and lucrative work as mercenary and hired gun for the many factions in the country. Contact with the more nefarious denizens of the country gave him access to the more nefarious deals, and when his fighting days were over, Steve made a seamless transition from soldier of fortune to gun dealer, drug runner and money launderer.

Jon Foo plays Johnny Wattani, streetwise, tough and ruthless, who operates on the same patch as ex-pat squaddie Steve Setters. The two are rivals… unfriendly rivals. Johnny is on hand to help Giles Southall and Jenny Morgan land the biggest story of their careers. Or so he says… Johnny Watanni is man that is liable to have an ulterior motive.

Soldier Girls is currently in development, with pre-production expected to begin in 2013.


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