Top 5 MMA Films You Can’t Miss

MMA or mixed martial arts has been popular for years and years. It does seem though it has rapidly grown in popularity over recent times, largely down to the success of the UFC and the stars that compete in it. For many people, MMA is extremely exciting and gripping to watch.

Testimony to this is the increase in TV coverage, social media interest and even respected online sports betting sites like Unibet are offering betting markets on matches. Furthermore, there has been a ton of films based on the combat sport over the years with various well-known actors such as Jean-Claude Van Damme playing lead roles, and we will be highlighting what we consider to the top 5 of all time though and why?


Warrior is one of the best MMA movies simply because it combines a great cast, which includes top actors such as Tom Hardy and Joel Edgerton, with a superb storyline. Hardy is playing a former Marine and on his return home his father, a recovered alcoholic, trains him in preparation for an MMA tournament with a huge prize on offer.

Edgerton plays Hardy’s estranged brother and he enters the tournament himself. The story sees them taking each other on, but not just as rival competitors. It’s a great watch for MMA fans and also non-MMA fans too.


Redbelt is another great MMA film that will also be hugely entertaining for everyone, including non-MMA fans. It sees a Jiu-Jitsu instructor, who has the real ability as a fighter but being morally against actually fighting for money or financial gain.

His partner’s family are actually promotors and they are always making offers to him in order to get him competing, but he always declines due to his moral stance. Debts though start to take their toll, and he eventually has no other option than to get into the ring in order to solve his financial woes.

Tapped Out

For many Tapped out will add greater appeal as it includes some of the most popular UFC stars in the movie. So if you love UFC and want to see fighters such as Anderson Silva and Lyoto Machida, this will certainly be the film for you.

In terms of what the film is about it sees a teenager who is serving community service at an old karate school. His parents were killed by Krzysztof Soszynski and when the teenager sees him in action, he decides to enter the MMA tournament.

Undisputed 3

When it comes to martial arts, the Undisputed series of films really has fans and enthusiasts covered. If you ask any MMA fans about movies they love, they’re bound to mention one of the Undisputed films; with the third installment possibly being the best.

It sees a champion fighter who is getting transferred to a Ukrainian facility and there he will enter and fight in an epic prison tournament. It’s a gripping film from the off and a superb watch for martial arts enthusiasts.

Never Back Down

Never Back Down is probably one of the most well known and most watched MMA movies of all time. It sees a new kid starting at a high school where he runs into trouble due to him being attracted to a girl. It’s a sort of high school flick that has some superb fighting scenes thrown into the mix, which this makes it an easy and great watch for not only fight fans but non-fight fans too.

There are two more films in this series, so once you’ve watched the first you’re likely to go on and enjoy watching the rest.