Green Hornet movie review

Are you look scary? Don’t mess with Chudnofsky – Bloodnofsky!

Well, Green Hornet movie is absolutely not a regular superhero movie. Looks like Kick-Ass movie but for adults. Russian mobster played by Oscar winner Christoph Waltz looks great and makes all this movie, while Seth Rogen, best known for such smutty comedies such as Knocked Up or Superbad, and Jay Chou just looking stupid and spoiling all picture.

I do not know why producers decided to take Jay Chou on a role of coffeemaker Kato, but all his effort to look like Bruce Lee ruins and he looks awkward. He is a singer not an actor! If Rain played Ninja Assassin perfectly, Chou just annihilate the spirit of Kato so nailed by Bruce Lee. There is a lot of good Asian actors who can do this much better, Takeshi Kaneshiro, Wu Jing, Aaron Kwok, Jordan Chan, to name a few. Even Mark Dacascos in his 46 could looks better with his charismata and athletic body.

Martial arts scenes done in slow motion with crazy editing and CGI x-ray effects. If x-ray effects work for Romeo Must Die with Jet Li, here they make Kate looks like cyborg. Jay is not Bruce Lee, the Kung Fu Master of all times, and has no kicking speed, so probably producers tried to show objects pushing back into multiple copies of themselves to give it a real sense of depth and remind us about master’s speed when a cam couldn’t catch Bruce’s moves. Here is another author’s gig… Do you want to see Kato singing Coolio’s “Gangster’s Paradise” in Black Beauty as they go out to fight crime? I bet, you do not.

Rogen plays Britt Reid, the rich playboy who hasn’t lived up to any of his father’s expectations, but after father’s death he runs his company without a clue how to run a business. His adaptation of Green Hornet Movie looks outlandish, silly, but expensive (film budget is $90,000,000). Long production delays, the firing of Hong Kong icon Stephen Chow, and we have got awful result, absolutely disconnected with what is funny or exciting for spectator. Better -rewatch Ip Man movie again (read our review on Ip Man 2 Film).

Cameron Diaz plays hired assistant Lenore, who helps Britt and Kato to find out exactly why crime is disregarded in their city and how to stop Chudnofksy’s business without getting themselves killed. It is so small part for Cameron and I do not see any reason why she is part of this, her role could be played by ordinary hot actress. It’s time to switch your agent, Cam! You looked lost like in ‘Knight and Day’ with Tom Cruise.

I really enjoyed the first 10 minutes of Green Hornet Movie where Christoph Waltz killing another mobster, but rest of the movie I was watching snoozing. Anyway film has grossed $33,700,000 in Opening Weekend and $56,000,000 worldwide for today. So if people will vote smart with their greens we can expect a sequel.