Adkins vs Statham or Yen vs Li in Expendables 2

The following Expendables 2 character breakdowns were posted to IMDB by user Tenacious1212 who claims to be associated with the script development.

Sylvester Stallone as Barney Ross, leader of THE EXPENDABLES
After a CIA Job gone wrong, Ross starts a personal war against Vilain and his group of murderous mercenaries, as well as rescue Fiona, Tool’s daughter.

Jason Statham as Lee Christmas, 2nd in Command of THE EXPENDABLES
As Ross’s closest friend, Christmas supports Ross in his vendetta. Ross also sees him as his successor for his eventual retirement/death.

Jet Li as Ying Yang, Martial Arts Expert of THE EXPENDABLES
Having quit the Expendables following the events of the first film, Ross and the Expendables travel to China to recruit him back to the team.

Randy Couture as Toll Road, Demolition Expert of THE EXPENDABLES
With a newfound faith following his survival of the first film, he follows Ross and Christmas to avenge Tool, yet still hindered by his rigorous superstitions.

Dolph Lundgren as Gunnar Jensen, Rehabilitated Strong-Arm of THE EXPENDABLES
Despite saving Lee and Ross in Gazak, he is often seen as the least trustworthy of the expendables and the mental weak link which Church sees to exploit.

Terry Crews as Hale Caesar, Weapons Specialist of THE EXPENDABLES
Another loyal member of THE EXPENDABLES, he is seriously wounded when kidnapping Church. Yet he stays with the group for their final stand.

Mickey Rourke as Tool, Mentor of THE EXPENDABLES
Returning to action as per Church, he is killed by Vilain during their Gazak mission.

Bruce Willis as Agent Church, Corrupt CIA Agent
Seen as responsible for Tool’s death and their ambush from Vilain, he is forced to be the brains of their revenge operation whilst manipulating the Expendables against one another once Tool’s daughter is kidnapped.

Arnold Schwarzenegger as Trent Mauser, Former Rival of THE EXPENDABLES
A former rival of Ross, he joins the team to help kidnap Church and avenge the death of mutual friend Tool. However, he may have an underlying motive to his newfound friendship with the Expendables.

Jean Claude Van Damme as Vilain, Ruthless Gun-for-Hire and MAIN VILLAIN
An EXPENDABLE who was kicked out by Ross for murdering a former teammate, he gets his revenge by killing Tool. When he takes on a job of suppressing the Gazak revolution, he finds himself at odds with both The EXPENDABLES and Tool’s bloodthirsty daughter.

Chuck Norris as Richter Argo, former EXPENDABLE
At Tool’s funeral, he inspires Ross to get revenge for Tool yet he cannot join as he must watch over Fiona.

Scott Adkins as Humphries, Vilain’s 2nd-in-Command
Dishonorably discharged from British SAS, he finds pride in fighting the Expendables, especially seeking the death of Lee Christmas for reputation’s sake.

Liam Hemsworth as Easton, Iraq War Vet and EXPENDABLE in Training
A War Hero and Sniper, his first mission with the team is Gazak. However, in the resulting vendetta, his inexperience puts the team at risk.


Michael Biehn as Agent Corazzo, CIA Agent in charge of retrieving Church
Following the kidnapping of Church and the CIA “package”, Corazzo is assigned to tracking down the Expendables and retrieving their property.

Michael Pare as Kennedy, Arms Dealer and former Expendable
A former expendable who is now wheelchair bound, he supplies the Expendables with top grade weapons and gear for their CIA missions and Fiona’s rescue.

John Travolta as President Dogot, dictator of Gazak
A dictator who sees his 30-year reign coming to an end, Dogot turns to Vilain to suppress a people’s revolution at any cost.

Nicolas Cage as Buffer, Gazak contact and leader of Gazak’s Uprising
Chain-Smoking and Expletive-Heavy, he assists the Expendables with their revenge mission in Gazak as it will help them gain momentum to overturn Dogot’s rule.

Donnie Yen as Sin Ho-Sik, Vilain’s Martial Art Expert
Silent but deadly, he’s one of the top fighters in the world and works as Vilain’s spy to follow the Expendables after the CIA job.

Christopher Lambert as Needles, Vilain’s Torture Expert
Creepy and relentless, it’s a small role relegated to torturing Fiona and using Stockholm Syndrome to seduce her. She turns the tables to escape from Vilain’s clutches.

Lorenzo Lamas as Polo, former EXPENDABLE living in Burma
A suicidal former Expendable, he aids Ross’s dangerous entrance into China. He is killed by Ho-Sik as he awaits for the group’s return.

Vin Diesal/ The Rock as Stone Miller
A role obviously meant to set up for a third film, he is introduced to Ross by Argo at the end of the film as possible “new blood” for the team. He asks Ross when he can start and Ross states after his vacation.

To clarify:
No note on Fiona’s casting, though I hear they’re down to the wire and very close to a decision. Stone Cold will NOT be appearing in the film. Stallone wanted him as Dan Paine’s vengeful twin brother but he may save that for a potential third film.


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