Donnie Yen is investigating extra terrestrial sightings in Wisely

Donnie Yen decided to join Andy Lau in the new action film named Wisely.

Andy Lau already played the character Wisely in 2002 movie The Wesley’s Mysterious File. The film was telling the story of Wesley who works in San Francisco for a UN department investigating extra terrestrial sightings.

Wisely was born in a wealthy family who run a trading company. Little is known about his parents; it is assumed that they died early. The head of the family is Wisely’s grandfather. Wisely is the chairman of the company’s board of directors. He lets his general manager run the company and spends his time travelling around the world and solving mysteries. He has several extraordinary adventures throughout his life, including encounters with aliens and supernatural beings.

Actually The Wisely is a series of Chinese adventure-science fiction novels written by the Hong Kong novelist Ni Kuang. In total, there are 161 stories recorded in 156 novels which are set in a modern era (1960s–2000s) in a city that is evidently based on Hong Kong. Only some of them were adapted.

  • The Legend of Wisely (1987)
  • The Cat (1992)
  • The Wesley’s Mysterious File (2002)
  • The New Adventures of Wisely (1998)
  • The ‘W’ Files (2004)

Ni Kuang announced his decision to stop writing the Wisely Series after book 131 was published. His friend, Taiwanese writer Yeh Lee-hwa, wrote the Wisely Memoirs as an epilogue to the series, and to explain Wisely’s life and clarify ambiguities in the stories.

So there is good potential to get another franchise with Donnie. Wisely will be the second film in an ongoing deal with Raymond Wong’s Pegasus Motion Pictures.

Stay tuned…