Welcome To The Jungle with ex-marine team building coach Van Damme

The new trailer for the Welcome To The Jungle movie shows comedic action, Van Damme’s kicks and over-the-top raunchy gags and overexaggerated spectacle enough to keep JCVD fans attached for the laughs.

Synopsis: Legendary action star Jean-Claude Van Damme takes on his first comedic role and joins Adam Brody, Rob Huebel, Kristen Schaal, Megan Boone, and Dennis Haysbert in “Welcome to the Jungle”. This laugh-out-loud comedy follows a group of unsuspecting office workers who find themselves stranded on a desert island when a corporate retreat led by unhinged former Marine Storm Rothchild (VAN DAMME) goes horribly wrong. Now Chris (BRODY) and his co-workers must battle nature — and each other — to survive!

In upcoming comedy Welcome To The Jungle movie Van Damme stars as a survival coach tasked with toughening up a group of office workers on a corporate retreat.

Guess what… again we will see Kristopher Van Varenberg and Bianca Bree alongside their father.

Plot: Chris (Adam Brody) is a workplace weakling who doesn’t have the balls to stand up to the slick office bully, Phil (Rob Huebel), who steals all his ideas, and he has yet to muster the courage to ask out cute HR manager, Lisa (Megan Boone). Even Chris’ only friend, Jared, a sarcastic slacker IT guy who secretly monitors everyone’s porn intake, slams Chris for being a pussy. But when a team-building “wilderness seminar” goes horribly wrong, and unhinged ex-marine teambuilding coach Storm Rothchild (Jean-Claude Van Damme) gets mauled by a cougar – Chris and his co-workers find themselves stranded on a deserted tropical island with no rescue in sight… and someone’s going to have to step up and take charge.

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