4 video game adaptations you must see

With the release of the Sony PlayStation 1 in 1994 came a whole host of action-packed video games. We faced-off against formidable enemies of all variations, hopped continents, and experienced apocalypses, all from the comfort of our living rooms. Keen to capitalise on the success and popularity of these video games, directors quickly turned their attention to placing our favourite digital characters on the big screen, and some of the best action films of all time were born. Here’s our roundup of the best video game adaptations to emerge.

Resident Evil (2002)

Resident Evil first graced cinemas back in 2002. There have since been a further five live-action films and in summer 2020 Netflix announced both live-action and anime Resident Evil series would be released on the platform in 2021. 

Based on the ever-popular video game, the first Resident Evil film sees us join Alice and her companions as they fight their way out of Hive, a bio-testing facility owned by the Umbrella Corporation. A well-loved story that fans of the franchise still hold dear, Resident Evil merchandise continues to sell well, and board games and online slots created in homage to the video games and films are enjoyed by gamers.

Silent Hill (2006)

An incredibly creepy survival horror PlayStation game, Silent Hill came out in 1999 and let players navigate darkness and fog in search of the central character’s adopted daughter in the town of Silent Hill. The video game was followed by an eponymous movie adaptation in 2006. 

Starring Sean Bean and Radha Mitchell, this psychological horror film takes us back to the town of Silent Hill with protagonist Rose and her adopted daughter Sharon. Filled to bursting with car crashes, cults, and inhuman creatures, Silent Hill isn’t for the faint-hearted, but it certainly is entertaining. 

Max Payne (2008) 

A neo-noir action thriller movie, Max Payne was released in 2008 after the success of the eponymous Rockstar Games video game series. Mark Wahlberg plays Max Payne, and we see him navigate the gritty streets of New York’s criminal underworld as he attempts to solve the mysterious deaths of his wife and child. 

Fans of the franchise are also able to get their hands on the Max Payne original comic book series, created by Rockstar and Marvel, and a whole host of Max Payne merchandise.

Lara Croft: Tomb Raider (2001)

Last but not least, and one of the best -known, is the Lara Croft franchise. In 2001, the first Tomb Raider film, Lara Croft: Tomb Raider, was released in cinemas following the huge success of the video game series. The film followed Angelina Jolie’s character Lara Croft, as she travelled the world in a haze of action and adventure, on the hunt for ancient artefacts in the possession of the Illuminati. 

The movie was quickly followed by Lara Croft: Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life, in 2003, and the films were rebooted in 2018, with the release of Tomb Raider, in which Lara Croft was played by Alicia Vikander.

The Tomb Raider franchise has remained ever-popular with video gamers and online gamers alike. While video gamers enjoy the PlayStation one game, fans who prefer online gaming play Microgaming’s Lara Croft-themed slot and practise no deposit bonus casino strategies and techniques

But the franchise also remains popular outside of gaming. With thousands opting for Lara Croft costumes at Halloween over the years, dedicated forums, and the reboot all demonstrating the lasting influence this franchise has in pop culture. 

From psychological thrillers to survival horrors and revenge plots, the video games released in the late 1990s inspired some of the most popular movie franchises ever to be made. Let’s hope that there are still plenty of video game movie adaptations yet to come!