Two fighters against a mercenary cartel in Triple Threat

Check out the first trailer to Triple Threat movie.

Filming of Triple Threat is finished so now we have to wait for the first trailer and release date announcement.

Check photos from the sets of Triple Threat. Something really cool is cooking!

The shooting of Triple Threat is about to start. Tone, Jeeja and Iko ready to kick some as…

Triple Threat

Celina Jade and Jeeja Yanin joined the cast of Triple Threat. I suppose Celina will play a billionaire’s daughter.

Confirmed! Adkins, White and Bisping will play bad guys facing Jaa, Uwais and Chen.

Plot: a billionaire’s daughter becomes the target of a mercenary cartel. Her only protection are two down-on-their-luck fighters and a third who has vowed revenge against the others.

Looks like Scott Adkins, Michael Jai White and Michael Bisping joined Triple Threat project. Now this movie becomes one of the most anticipated films with amazing cast. Hopefully producers will hire a good director and the most important a talented fighting and stunt coordinators.

People saying Chad Stahelski will be working on stunts but I doubt it as he is busy with Highlander reboot and John Wick 3. The first draft has been written by Dwayne Smith but producers hired another writer to pen the final script.

It is finally happening! Tony Jaa and Iko Uwais join forces for the new action movie Triple Threat previously known as Makeshift Squad!

Most details of the plot are still under wraps but producers promise the Asian version of Expendables.

Filming is scheduled for February 2017 by director Gary Mak.

Cast also includes Tiger Chen, Angelababy and Alan Mak.

What is interesting, Scott Adkins has publicly thrown his hat into the ring to play the villain, will it happen or not – let’s wait…